Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it mean to be an 848 Associate?

The world of work is changing, recent years have seen the introduction of zero hours contracts, short term contracts and increasing instability and continuity for people who are looking for a career.   

It is well understood that a job for life does not exist anymore, people can move from post to post and look increasingly at their options becoming smaller and indeed their career choices being threatened by younger people. 

848 Associates is a program within our consulting company designed to attract talent to work on short, medium- and long-term assignments as part of our Plan, Build and Run strategy. We work with large clients and Partners, such as Ricoh and Deloitte, where our reputation for delivery excellence has seen us work on complex and challenging projects on behalf of some of the world’s biggest organisations. 

There is a level of discretion to our projects and clients, but should you be selected to work on one of these assignments then we can guarantee competitive rates, challenging work and the chance to work with our partners to further your skills and capabilities. 

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What does it mean to be an 848 Partner?

Similarly to the client, we have worked with global partners to supplement project teams. It is a regular requirement from our Enterprise Partners and we are proud to have worked with them on huge projects. We’ve helped with; some of the biggest migrations, Active Directory designs, migrations of data around the world to Office 365, security assessments for some of the most public breaches in recent times, advisory and design services to assist with the security of our nation and providing business applications advisory on low code solutions like Microsoft Power Apps and the Power Platform.

We are not the only company that does this. But, we are one of the very few who knows how to join up the supply chain from inception to conclusion, and to do it without upsetting the client, the associate, the taxman and perhaps most importantly the success of the project, ensuring a Business Changing IT experience!


Why 848 Consulting and not an established agency?

We are close to the work; we are consulted early in the assignment and our success comes from a focussed team working within 848 Consulting alongside the partner organisation. It means that we build the team from the beginning and unlike most agencies, we really understand the client need because we help to define it through the Statement of Works.


Describe the relationship between 848 Consulting and the client?

In the world of IT contracts and business success, delivering outcomes against a service-based deliverable should be the norm. 848 Consulting specialises in the creation of Plan, Build and Run strategies to implement IT solutions to provide business changing IT.   

Working with our consulting team means we will build an outcome based offer, utilising our full time and associate based staff to deliver success. We will handle the outcomes, the payments and the onboarding of the appropriate people and manage the ‘supply-chain’ on behalf of the client.



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